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On the pretext of proving marriage by holding a marriage before the Family Court in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Status Law
Procedures and documents required to file a lawsuit to prove marital relationship
First: At the beginning we give a brief summary of the customary marriage: –
It is a legal marriage contract with full conditions and principles, but it is devoid of official documentation with the competent authorities, as it is considered an agreement between two parties to marry and not codify it in an official contract or a competent authority to register
In legal terms, there are three cases of customary marriage: –
First case: It is a marriage that takes place with the knowledge of the family and witnesses and is carried out through publicity. This is a true and complete marriage with the elements and conditions
The second case: A marriage that takes place without publicity and whose family does not know, and this marriage is considered religiously forbidden, according to what our Master Muhammad (PBUH) said
(Whichever woman marries without her guardian’s permission, the marriage is invalid three times)
Second: From the legal point of view, the Egyptian law does not recognize customary marriage and does not entail any rights with respect to the wife except according to a lawsuit proving the marital relationship
(The papers required to file a lawsuit to prove marital relationship)
1- The social status of both parties
2- Proof of each person’s identity
3- A birth certificate for each of them
Lawyer Hussam Abdel-Khalek 01033194144

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