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The most important services that Hossam Abdel-Khalek law firm provides

1- Providing full legal support in resolving personal status cases
2- Carrying out procedures for fully documenting foreign marriage contracts
3- Establishing all types of companies within the General Investment Authority for all nationalities
4- Register all private matters in cases: proof of marriage – personal status cases – cases of foreigners in Egypt – commercial cases – civil cases

personal status cases

The Personal Status Law occupies a great importance for what it contains of issues related to family relations. We have a team of lawyers at the highest level of experience in cases related to various personal status issues and our interest in those cases is due to the importance of the family in building a society where it is the main component of any society. The Personal Status Law came to lay down the rules and principles that regulate the family relationship in order to preserve the family structure when separation occurs between husband and wife so that this does not negatively affect children

توثيق عقود زواج الاجانب

foreign marriage contracts

Our office takes the procedures for documenting the marriage contract for foreigners in Egypt. We also perform, according to an official power of attorney in marital matters, on the legal behalf of our client, to take all necessary measures to document this contract in all directions, whether in the Ministry of Justice, ratifications of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or various embassies. We also have all the solutions to document all foreign marriage contracts as quickly and as accurately as possible.

Incorporation of companies

Among the most important services that we do is the service of establishing new companies and performing legal services for these companies, from the procedures for establishing and all that relates to legal issues related to this company through its legal agency. Where we provide legal assistance to individuals, whether Egyptians, foreigners, or commercial entities, to establish the establishment of their activities legally.

مكتب محامي شركات
محامي تأسيس شركات

Proof of marriage

Article seventeen of the Personal Status Law and its amendments are stipulated by Law No. 1 for the year 2000, which states: – (Cases arising from the marriage contract are not accepted if the wife’s age is less than sixteen Gregorian years or if the husband’s age is less than eighteen Gregorian years at the time the lawsuit is filed In subsequent facts on the first of August of the year 1931)

Commercial issues

We understand the investor’s keenness when establishing their business to be represented by those who have experience, expertise and talent to avoid any obstacles and to make critical decisions in a timely manner, which is provided by our office at the hands of a team of talented lawyers who have the ability to respond to the needs of our customers ’commercial and economic and include

مكتب محامي تاسيس شركات
محامي تأسيس شركات

Civil cases

We provide legal services to our clients in all disputes and civil cases such as compensation, annulment, and nullity cases and expand our services , include:

1 – Contract disputes and agreements.

2 – Rent issues, such as eviction, eviction, and annulment of lease contracts, in accordance with the exceptional rental laws or the civil law.

Our office is the first reference in foreign marriage and the
establishment of companies within the General Investment Authority