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Proof of marriage

Article seventeen of the Personal Status Law and its amendments are stipulated by Law No. 1 for the year 2000, which states: – (Cases arising from the marriage contract are not accepted if the wife’s age is less than sixteen Gregorian years or if the husband’s age is less than eighteen Gregorian years at the time the lawsuit is filed In subsequent facts on the first of August of the year 1931 unless the marriage is fixed by an official document, however the divorce or annulment case is accepted according to the circumstances without others if the marriage is fixed in any writing and the divorce cases between the spouses challenging the sect and religion are not accepted unless their law permits them)

Terms of validity of customary marriage in terms of Sharia

  • Formulation of a customary marriage contract.
  • The Guardian
  • Witnesses
  • Publicity
  • Dowry