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personal status cases

– The Personal Status Law occupies a great importance for what it contains of issues related to family relations. We have a team of lawyers at the highest level of experience in cases related to various personal status issues and our interest in those cases is due to the importance of the family in building a society where it is the main component of any society. The Personal Status Law came to lay down the rules and principles that regulate the family relationship in order to preserve the family structure when separation occurs between husband and wife so that this does not negatively affect children

We specialize in

  • Alimony issues 
  • Divorce cases of all kinds 
  • Dislocation issues 
  • Custody issues 
  • Issues of call foster custody and fare housing custody 
  • Confinement cases for Frozen Alimony 
  • Frost alimony issues 
  • Inheritance and inheritance issues
  • Cases of proof of divorce and proof of lineage