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Foreign marriage contracts

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– Includes under item.
Procedures to officially document foreign marriage contracts in Egypt
You are presented with procedures for documenting foreign marriage contracts in Egypt
Egyptian and foreign marriage
Foreign marriage to a foreigner
Expatriate marriage procedures
Lawyer Abu Arab Lawyer Lawyer Hossam Abdel-Khalek is concerned with legal solutions to the problems of documenting foreign marriage and procedures for documenting foreign marriage contracts at the Real Estate Registration Office at the Ministry of Higher Education and proving foreign marriage in the Egyptian Court.
The documents required to document foreign marriage contracts in Egypt and the Arab world
Marriage of foreigners to the Egyptian Ministry of Justice takes place in the real estate registration office concerned with documenting marriage contracts for foreigners. Legal documents and papers must be prepared to prove the marital status, proof of religion, proof of residence, and approval of the embassy, ​​and this is what concerns the foreign party
– And in some cases of marriage with the availability of legal conditions
Note: The documents required for marriage by a foreign party differ from one country to another, but there are basic papers that change the social status, religion, and some states, and not all of them need the approval of their embassy to marry

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