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Lawyer / Hussam Abdel-Khalek

Lawyer / Hussam Abdel-Khalek, the most famous lawyer to document marriage contracts for foreigners in Egypt, Morocco and the Arab world , in your place, you can specify the agency of the office to end all marriage procedures, as if you were with us. We are Hussam Abdel-Khalek’s office. We provide you with legal support regarding all procedures for documenting official marriage contracts within Egypt and the Arab world.

Our office is the first reference in the marriage of foreigners and the establishment of companies within the General Authority for Investment. Also, Abu Arab Lawyer Lawyer Hossam Abdel-Khalek Ali establishes cases to prove the marital relationship between the spouses in the family court and prove the marriage between the Egyptian and foreign, Egyptian and foreign, and foreigners with each other

We document contracts, provisions and documents from the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Abu Arab Law Office, lawyer Hossam Abdel-Khalek, is distinguished as being the most famous in the field of foreign marriage and the establishment of companies in Egypt, with distinguished confidence, accuracy and legal shrewdness in the field of foreign marriage and the establishment of companies.

services provided by Abu Arab Law Office

1- Provide full legal support in solving personal status cases
2- Carry out procedures for fully documenting foreign marriage contracts
3- To establish all types of companies within the General Authority for Investment for all Nationalities
4- Carrying out registration of all private matters in cases: proof of marriage – cases of personal status – cases of foreigners in Egypt – commercial cases – civil cases

Our Commitment

We provide you with all the legal support and we deliver the legal service to you in all available ways

Lawyer / Hussam Abdel-Khalek - PARTNER

Our History

  • 2001 The beginning of the establishment of the office

By the grace of God ….. and the testimony of our clients, the members of this office were able to prove their abilities on the legal level and gain the knowledge of our clients, through our distinguished method of good handling, credibility and preponderance of legal opinion.

  • We have provided many legal consultations that constitute a lot of our work and through which we seek to solve problems between the parties before resorting to the courts.
  • We also represented many of the largest companies and provided legal support for them as legal advisors
  • Likewise, the establishment of all types of companies, whether with limited liability, shareholder or one person …
  • Providing legal support in all personal status cases, documenting marriage contracts, and claims for proof of marriage before the Family Court
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